Friday, October 12, 2012


Good morning, dear readers!
My Lollia order came in!!!  I am one happy girl who will be spending the day pampering herself with a luxury manicure and pedicure before heading into the Piney Woods to tat.
Here are my 3 handcremes (Believe, Breathe, & In Love) and soap (Breathe).
It all smells so wonderful!
I've mentioned on the blog before how much I love this handcreme, but really... words do not do it justice.  It moisturizes hands beautifully without leaving a residue, which of the utmost importance to anyone who works with thread and pearls.  I have tried MANY "luxury" and "salon quality" handcremes, but they do not hold a candle to my Lollia.
Here is my little splurge item- the soap.  I received a small bar as a gift earlier this year and adored it.  When I placed the handcreme order, I thought I'd indulge just a bit more.  Decadent of me, huh?!?
Well, the hot cocoa is waiting & Lily Fey is giving me her most pitiful puppy look.  Guess I'll get started on that mani/pedi after enjoying the cocoa, then hit the Atelier.  I'll be finishing up the Autumnal Transitions brooch this weekend, so be sure to check out Monday's post.  Have a great weekend & until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Sounds a heavenly day, Have a lovely weekend

    1. Thanks, Margaret! Today has been heavenly, so far. My hands and feet feel so good- I do love my Lollia ;-) Now to get back to my tatting and enjoy another beautiful day in the Piney Woods...

  2. May I ask, where did you order this from? Sounds like an awesome start to a wonderful week-end!

    1. Nancy, go to
      I got my order very quickly and am thoroughly enjoying them. Hope you love the handcreme as much as I do!