Monday, October 15, 2012

Early Morning Musings

Good morning, dear readers!
I hope you had a fantastic weekend- we did.  The Piney Woods are a joy this time of year.  We've been fortunate to receive enough rain to really bring out the foliage colors.  I love taking hikes in the woods and picking up little nature treasures- and that is just what I did this weekend.  Gathering up goodies for tatting inspiration took up much of my time.
After giving myself a mani/pedi with the Lollia handcreme, I tatted a bit on the Autumanl Transitions brooch.  This was the progress as of Friday:
I am in the midst of tatting the next part and am trying to decide which idea will work best.  Something else I'm considering is whether I should add some fluffy tatting to the center of the pin- what do you think?  Hmmm...
Well, I had better get busy working on the AT brooch.  I got up very early (even for me) just to get in a bit of tatting before the chaos of shooing Jim & Jocie out the door.  Lily Fey & my hot cocoa are waiting in the Atelier.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Why didn't say you wanted rain, we have had by the bucketful here in the UK! I would have sent you some over.
    Lovely brooch, looking nice just the way it is, I saw fluffy tatting last week and I am really inspired by it.

  2. I would think this is already finished and beautiful; but I know you have more ideas in mind!