Friday, October 14, 2011

Treat Two

Happy Halloween & Autumn
Here is your special "Treat Two"!
I am offering a special weekend giveaway just for my blog followers!
Included in this Piney Woods event are:
40 various fresh water & baroque pearls
1 Osmina pearl cabochon
1 tac finding
4 pin findings
3 antique shell buttons
2 base metal filigree findings
and 1 blister pearl top drilled pendant
Plus, you never know what I may throw in before I pop it in the mail!!!
To enter, please leave a comment on this blog post letting me know how you'd use these goodies!
I will select a winner Sunday afternoon and notify said winner via email.  Good luck!

The Olive motif is still giving me fits.  I may need to take a break from it this weekend if I can't come up with another round that "feels" right.  Yes, I sometimes have bouts of what my husband calls "artistic frustration"!!!  This is one of those times.  However, I did finish the Valdani silk pendant last night.  Here is the finished piece:
I did find my Akoya pearls, but also found this marvelous little carved shell button.  It has a gorgeous brown/pink/green irridescence to it and looked so good on the tatting that I decided to use it and a green fresh water pearl for the center accent.
Pictured below is the second round of accent tatting:
Run the needle through the top cap of the 2nd ds to the left of the beads of the previously tatted chain-rings and CH5 sm- med- sm- 5 CL + to the corresponding spot on the other side of the beads, then CH 3 sm- 3 CL + to next chain-ring in the same manner as the first, continue around motif.  Please note:  it will curl on you!  After you have tatted around the motif, tie & cut your ends, then block & pin the piece. Lightly spray with Mary Ellen's Best Press.  This will very slightly stiffen the piece, giving support to the silk and shape to the finished motif.  Allow it to dry thoroughly and add the center elements of your choice and a pendant bail or jumpring.

And remember:  the October Piney Woods Event is still going on!  Deadline is October 24th.  To enter, be a follower of my blog by clicking the google "Join this Site" button located below the poll.

My weekend will consist of:  working on the inspiration piece I mentioned in yesterday's blog and possibly tackling the Olive motif.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of tatting pleasure & good luck on the weekend giveaway!!!

Until Monday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Oh my, the possibilities are endless! I would start with a pendant, and then try to design earrings to match.

  2. I like them! I would tat something nice jewelleries. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  3. I would hold them in my hand and let them tell me!

  4. Oh my what lucious gems to tat up some unusual items like a brooch, a ring, necklace, and earrings. Wouldn't it be nice to tat up an edging for a towel and add the pearls to give it some glam.

  5. Lovely goodies for your giveaway! I've begun to make a larger 'white piece' crazy quilted block for my daughter to celebrate her wedding and to include pieces of her family. All the white would be perfect. The colored pearls and filigree would make for some gorgeous jewelery.

  6. Miss Rachel, those things are all beautiful. There are a bunch of things that could be tatted with them. Necklaces, earrings, pins... I have never worked with pearls. It would be much fun!

  7. Please count in me too!! With my up coming surgery your goodies would give me something to do while I am of my feet (ankle) !!! Maybe some X-mas gift ideas!!
    Thanks Kelly

  8. I'm afraid that like some, I, too, would start with a pendant. Of course, I'd have to add some quail feathers, a few small drop chain (including the pearls) and a filigree metallic button and large pearl for a center. I've been wanting to make me a feathered fancy brooch.

  9. I'd love to make some tatted brooches - I have done a small motif in Oya style tatting that I think would work great, and some small 3-d roses too, they are cute as brooches as well.

    For the cabochon and the filigree thingies I admit I would probably copy-cat some of your motifs - they really inspire that, you know?

    I am not sure what I would do with the pearls, but their irregularity is inspiring in it own way. And their colours are scrumptious!

    The three buttons I don't think I would pair with tatting, but rather use them as buttons on a hand knit something or other... (yeah, not very original, but I really buttons as buttons...)

  10. Don't enter me in this drawing, I just bought a bunch of these same items :) but I wanted to say what a cool giveaway for the holidays coming up, lots of things to make for gifting, great giveaway :)


  11. count me in in your treat two!!! just thinking in tatting some summer earrings? or a brooch.. love the colours of the pearls..
    thanks again

  12. I would string a few bits and then attach them to a picture frame I'm working on as a Christmas gift to my mom! She'd love these lovely additions!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com