Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Ornaments, Part One

It was so pretty and crisp this morning that I decided to start on a "Fall Ornament" project. 

 The first thing I did was to wash & dry a few batik fabrics previously purchased from Hannah's Quilts.  I put a little white vinegar in the rinse cycle to be sure all the dyes were set properly.  You usually do not have to do this with most batik fabrics, but I have had a couple of lengths that wanted to run a little, so I always prewash, set with vinegar & dry before working with it.

After both lengths I had selected were dry, I ironed them with some Mary Ellen's Best Press.  This gives the fabric good body without the problem of starch or sizing flaking.

I then used a yellow (large size) Clover yoyo maker with Sulky Blendable size 12 quilting cotton to sew a yoyo.  Afterwards, I added a Czechoslovakian art glass button to the center. (Which is the first image featured on today's post.)  Now the ornament is ready for tatting additions, which will be featured in tomorrow's post.

This afternoon & evening, I will be spending my Halloween making more Fall themed yoyo ornaments while watching the monster shows on Discovery & H2 channels!

Have a wonderful Halloween full of tatting fun!
Until timorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. This looks good, and I'm waiting for the delightful tatting.

  2. Looking lovely, I like your method of using vinegar to set the dye, does this work on all fabrics, as I have a couple of tops that I cant wash in the machine because the dye runs.


  3. I have never used a yoyo maker, are they easy? I make them by hand, and thought it isn't hard, I was just wondering ... I love your ornament :)

  4. thx for sharing. I enjoy using the yo yo templates and your embellishing is wonderful!