Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Acorn Project, Part Two

It has been a GLORIOUS fall day in the Piney Woods!!!
The morning started out nice and cool (around 46F) and the day has progressed to a comfortable 62F.  Most comfortable, if a bit windy.
I did get some tatting done, but spent the rest of the day playing tug-of-war and scatter-the-leaves with my American bulldog, Lily Fey.

Here is an image of the Acorn Project I've been playing with:
The ring and chain round was tatted so that it made the interlocking chain-ring center stand up a little for a dimensional effect.  I reinforced it with my signature "over-tatting" and some Celtic chain weaving using Valdani size 8 pearl cotton in O178, "Tea Dyed Stone".
Here is a side view:
With the nice weather we're having, I do not know how much tatting I will get done tomorrow.  There is so much yard work that needs to be done and I can't resist a cool, sunny day.  I still haven't gotten any mums for my outdoor tatting areas, but plan to do so this weekend.   Mums always inspire lots of fluffy tatting to flow off my needles!

Another project on my needle is something with the Valdani "Bronze" thread.  I have tatted up a few components and have just a couple more to go before joing them to form the foundation piece.
This project will probably be  framed.  Although,  I don't know yet as there are several ideas bouncing around in my head as to what exactly I want to do with this thread.  Pictures do not do this particular colorway justice.  The browns look so much prettier in person than in my images!

The October Piney Woods Event is still going on!!!  Deadline is Oct. 24th with the winner notification on Oct. 25th.  Be sure to "Join this Site" by clicking the google button to the right just below the poll!

Hope y'all are enjoying as wonderful a day as I am!
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Beautiful project and lovely colours, well done,
    its a beautiful autumn day here too, but its very chilly they say its going to get warmer for the weekend. I hope so I am in a craft fair on saturday and that building is chilly even in summer.