Friday, October 28, 2011

Piney Woods Harvest Event

After bouncing ideas around, I decided to take Judy's advice and host a "Harvest" event.  So, I went into my atelier and proceeded to "harvest" more items from my stashes that need a new home.  Here is what is up for grabs this month:

Thread, fabric, tatting needles & other goodies...OH MY!

The thread haul consists of: 1 ball size 16 Finca pearl cotton color #1301, 1 ball size 8 Domino pearl cotton color #606, & 7 balls of Majestic size 80 tatting cotton in colors 800, 854, 852, 853, 849, 848, & 846.

I have also included a few blue and purple baroque pearls.

The lucky winner will also receive a selection of 2 1/2 " quilting cotton fabric strips (perfect for making small yoyos) and 6 size 9 (or there about- these are long size 10 beading needles with the sharp tip snipped off) tatting needles.

An assortment of 16 Catholic religious cards is included.  I am not a Catholic, but love the artwork on these cards that are apparantly given out at funerals.  (My Catholic friends, if you have any insight about these cards, please let me know more about them. Thanks!)  From time to time, I happen upon a lot of them and cannot resist.  These are lovely with tatted edgings around them.  I slip them in Christmas cards and frame them for gifts.

To be eligible for this giveaway, simply be a follower of the blog.  Not a follower???  Click on the google "Join this Site" button to the right just beneath the poll.  Deadline for following the blog is November 16th.  The winner will be selected by a random number generator and notified via email on November 17th.  I would like to get this giveaway shipped on November 18th so that it may possibly reach the winner before Thanksgiving.  Good luck!

Dear readers, I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with tatting adventures.  I will return Monday with new works to share and perhaps a new pattern or two next week!  Until then~
Happy Tatting!


  1. wow!!! wonderful giveaway rachel!!! im a follower so.. thanks again!!

  2. Goody! Maybe this time... : )

  3. Lovely I hope to be the lucky one :)

  4. Thanks for the opportunity to join the giveaway. Now that I am a follower of your blog, time to browse your posts. ;)

  5. Beautiful giveaway Rachel, I am a Roman Catholic and love the holy cards with the Blessed Virgin Mary. I pray I am the lucky winner.

  6. Rachel,

    The 1st holy card is the Assumption of Mary into Heaven

    The 2nd one is the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    The 3rd one is the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Mary and Joseph was Jesus' mother and father.

  7. Oh, fingers crossed to win these goodies! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Rachel, I am Catholic and I too love the artwork. This is what I know about Holy Cards.
    the holy cards can be given out at funerals, but were also used a awards for good behavior in Catholic grade schools. and other times such as First Communion or Confirmation as well. Some of them have prayers on the back as well as the front. They can be used as book marks in your bible or missal, or decorated as you stated and/or framed.
    this is on the
    The custom of distributing Catholic prayer cards, or holy cards, is a centuries old tradition of the Catholic Church. The oldest surviving Catholic prayer card is St. Christopher and dates back to 1423. Prayer cards bear a religious image with a favorite verse or prayer and are used to commemorate special moments such as First Communion, Confirmation or even a family reunion. They are commonly distributed at funerals with a favorite prayer, the name and dates of the deceased and serve as a reminder to pray for the dead. These cards have an unlimited amount of use and may be creatively imprinted as long term keepsakes. Prayer cards are great gift ideas for religious education classes, greeting card accents and much more.

  9. woohoo. I wish I get the stash this time. Am a follower.

  10. Thank you for another generous give-away. I can't begin to imagine the size of your stash.

  11. ohhh....if I could win this one, I could try tatting in a smaller thread than 20 or 30...Wow!!!

  12. Oh, Please count me in, I have really been trying to tat with more size 80, and I have a couple friends I think I could decorate the cards for and give as gifts who would truly love them and be meaningful . This is a beautiful giveaway :)


  13. that's quite a collection, rachel! haven't tried any of those threads, very tempting. pls count me in.

  14. I'm curious about whether the cards have people's names on them; if so, they are funeral cards. I have one from my great-grandmother's funeral that is quite lovely. I think they're much more personal than the plain ones used so often nowadays.

  15. That is a real harvest! lol Awesome prizes this month. Good luck to all! I'm still thrill with October prize. Haven't work with the things but will play soon with the threads and beads. Thanks Rachel for sharing your harvest. =)

  16. What a wonderful give away...I would have followed w/out having found your blog today...but this is extra fun!