Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dry Leaves

It has been so dry this year that we hardly have any brilliant color to our leaves.  Everything that remains on the trees is wilting and very pitiful in appearance.  Still, I am fortunate that my Piney Woods here in Louisiana have not burned like that of my neighbors in Texas!  Let's hope we all receive some rain soon!!!
Lack of glorious color has not stopped the tatting from flowing off the needle.  I will have some interesting things to share in the next few days if all continues to flow at this pace. 
The current project I'm sharing is the Valdani Olive pearl cotton motif.  This is where it is today:
What should this piece be called?  "X Marks the Spot"?  Any suggestions? 

 I am still perusing my stashes in search of just the right center accent piece.  I have some fabulous pearls, but also am considering a nice carved abolone shell button.  Then there are the Swarovski crystal beads that are whispering, "We're pretty, too!"  Hmmm...  Maybe I shall have to tat another round or two before I decide.

While walking through my woods today I snapped a few images.  As I mentioned, the color is not what is usually is, but the tallow tree is just starting to turn. 
Rather Christmas-y, isn't it?  Perhaps we will have some pretty colors a little later this month.

I leave you today with the reminder of the October Piney Woods GiveAway deadline:  October 24th!  To be eligible, you must be a follower of the blog.  Just click the google "Follow this Site" button located to the right, below the poll.  On October 25th, I will select the winner via a random number generator.  The winner will be notified and the goodies sent out promptly.  The haul may have a few more items added to it- you never can tell what I might do when I get to cleaning out the atelier!!! 

Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. The center of your motif is so intriguing, it would be a shame to cover it up.

  2. Love this motif....my first thought was that it reminds me of a north/south/east/west legion on a map.

  3. I love your motif, I think 4 point cross would be a good name, its a lovely pattern, is it needle or shuttle pattern.