Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Valdani Motif 3

Hello, everyone!  It's been a beautiful tatting day in the piney woods!

This piece was tatted in:  Valdani size 12 perle cotton #24 Fresh Grass & #73 Peach Orange Dark, 100% ColorFast & Hand Dyed!  Beads are Dynamite size 10 seed beads in Rainbow Peach.

After the rain we received from the tropical storm/hurricane Lee, the mushrooms have popped up everywhere in the woods!  Today's piece was inspired by the red maple leaves that are starting to turn and my hibiscus tree.  When I walked out to the tatting spot I passed an explosion of blooms on the little hibiscus tree my daughter gave me for Mother's day.  I plucked a bloom & a maple leaf and went to my thread cabinets.  Lo and behold- I have two Valdani perle cotton colors that are perfect!  Numbers 24 and 73 were just what I wanted.  Then the Rainbow Peach seed beads were beckoning, so I added them.

To begin this motif, string 72 seed beads on your main color thread and tat as follows:
R7-7-(add 3 beads)7-7CL RW
CH7-(add 3 beads)5 3 even picots 5-(add 3 beads)7 CL RW
R7+7-(add 3 beads)7-7 CL RW
Continue tatting until you have a motif of 8 Rs & CHs, tie & cut, hide ends.
Your motif should resemble the above image.

The next step is simple "over-tatting".  Join in contrasting thread to any joining - of foundation motif and CH:
17 CL + to next prev worked -, continue around motif, tie & cut, hide ends.
More will be added to this piece in future posts!

This morning's mail was filled with goodies!  I finally received the Czech art glass buttons!!!  Tomorrow's blog post will bring images of these new play pretties.  I can hardly wait to have time to make brooches!  Do any of you like to wear pins/brooches?  They are an especial favorite of mine. 

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Well... I'm off to meetings & other boring things, so until tomorrow

Happy Tatting!!!