Thursday, September 29, 2011

Afternoon Play

After a long day of practicing my ribbonwork skills, I was compelled to pick up my tatting needle this afternoon whilst reading a wonderful post on Intatters about Autumn and this is the result:
This is a motif that I can tat on "auto-pilot".  It was done using Valdani 100% COLORFAST hand-dyed size 8 pearl cotton in color #O533 "Golden Autumn" and solid #200.  There are Swarovski 4mm bicone and seed beads accents.  The motif is very easy and is tatted as follows:
With #O533
R5-5 - with seed bead, Swarovski, seed bead 5-5 CL RW
CH7 with 5 graduated -s 7 CL RW
R5+5- with seed bead, Swarovski, seed bead 5-5 CL RW
Continue tatting for a motif of 8 Rs & CHs.  Tie, cut, hide ends.
For accent tatting:
With #200
Join to any joining - of previous round and over tat
CH12 CL + and continue around motif, tie, cut, hide ends.
Second round:
With #O533
Run needle through top cap of ds 2 stitches prior to graduated picot set of first round chain and
CH9 with 5 graduated -s 9 CL + on other side of previously tatted picot set in corresponding ds cap
CH2-2 CL + to next chain as you did at the beginning of this round.
Continue around motif, tiem cut hide ends & voila!
Many thanks to Frivole for the beautiful Autumn eye candy that inspired my tatting today!  Check out her fantastic blog.

I must admit, my ribbonwork skills have declined seriously from lack of use.  Wish I hadn't let myself get so rusty!  I found this little cloche at Target yesterday:
It is a lovely 100% wool felt hat but has some really ugly felt flowers on it.  I have a love for the 1920's & 1930's and could not pass this hat by.  It was begging to be redone with some hand sewn silk ribbon flowers, leaves and needle tatted accents.  I may even have to bling it out with some of the pearls and Swarovskis I purchased recently.  I am currently looking at my thread stash and considering my thread options as well as picking through my vintage millinery accents and ribbons for possible working materials.  I hope to at least start the hat refurbishment this weekend.  Any comments or suggestions for what would help this cloche look cute on my short red bobbed hair?

I am still awaiting suggestions, folks, for the next Piney Woods Give Away Event.  Let me know as I am going to decide tomorrow what to do.  I value my readers input.

Well, I am off to play with the Autumn colored thread some more.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Love your motif in autumn colours, beautiful! And thank you for providing the pattern, I might give it a try!

  2. Very pretty!!! I see some tatting in my future!

  3. I love the colors you're using! I'm even tempted to order some Valdani thread! ; )

  4. Beautiful pattern and lovely thread, I have not used Valdani thread but it looks lovely.