Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Playing

Today started out nice & cool, albeit humid.  I decided to visit my favorite tatting spot in the Piney Woods and play with the new thread.
This will eventually be a larger pendant and was tatted with Valdani 100% colorfast size 8 pearl cotton in #M30 Deep Waters and is accented with a pewter pine cone and 6 Swarovski 3mm bicones in olivine and teal.
It began as a simple motif of 6 interlocking chain-rings.  This basic foundation has been featured on my blog a few times.  Isn't it neat how you can come up with so many variations using one simple motif?!?
This is a work in progress.  It is tatted with Valdani pearl cotton in #M7 Fall Leaves on an antique shell button base with Czech fire polished beads & seed bead accents.  This piece will be a brooch when complete.
As you can tell, most of my tatting time was spent playing.  That is before the humidity & finally heat drove me indoors and put a kink in my creative mood.

So- what do you think should be the next Piney Woods Give Away Event?  More thread?  A tatted piece?  Do you have an idea for a theme?  Let me know as I am trying to come up with something really fun for October!!!

On another note- I have 3 of these wild citrus trees in my yard.  They are loaded down with little mini-lemon like fruits.  Does anyone have ideas for how to use these little buggers?  They smell really pungent and I do not know if they are okay for using in cleaning solutions, potpourri, etc.  I'd appreciate any advise y'all have.
I'm off to play for a little longer.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. How about a giveaway with some nice Autumn colors of thread, and maybe a pattern book? Ummm...always like new ideas and new thread to try them with.
    Keep up the good work. I love your lollipop pendant. Step 1 would make good earrings to match the pendant.

  2. I love the pinecone pendant. Beautiful. Fall Leaves has wonderful colors.
    What about marmalade, or lemon curd, lemon chutney, lemon cordial, lemon cream? The skins could be candied and dipped in chocolate for a wonderful treat.