Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Valdani 2

Another glorious day in the Piney Woods!

  I started another Valdani doily last night and progressed to the 2nd round today.  This one is done in color #801 & begins like:

R5-5 sm- m- sm-5-5 CL RW
CH5 (5 graduated -s) 5 CL RW
R5+10-5 CL RW
Continue for a total of 12 rings & chains.

Pictured below is the accent for round one:

Run needle through any picot and CH 15 CL + around motif.

The second round is very simple:

R7+3+7 CL RW
CH5 very sm- 5 (5 graduated -s) 5 very sm- 5 CL RW
Continue around motif.

I had intended to tat another round, but had to rake & clean my outdoor tatting area.  The pines are dropping lots of needles and after the snake scare last week, I am being very cautious.  One good thing, though- I will have plenty of fresh pine needles for making baskets this winter!  (They will also be shared on my blog.)

Pictured below is the "mystery tatting goody" that will be included in the give away. 

I tatted it with remnants from a skein of thread and enhanced it with a freshwater pearl surrounded by pink seed beads.  The outer picots are graced with 3mm Swarovski bicones and seed beads and a pewter pine cone.  This design is one I use for pendants and scissor fobs.  The lucky winner of the give away will receive the thread, tatting needles, this tatted goody and a couple of "other" items.

Speaking of which-  TODAY IS THE GIVE AWAY DEADLINE!!!
Follow this blog for your chance to win.  I will be selecting the winner tomorrow morning bright & early by a random number generator & will notify the winner via email.

I hope to have more on the Valdani 2 doily tomorrow along with the announcement of the give away winner and the next Piney Woods Event!

Happy Tatting!


  1. Rachel, the colors used in the doily are so "happy" together. Must tat this doily.
    Be well, be safe, stay high and dry.

  2. I just love the color of the recent Valdani threads you used. And the last one to. I have to check my colors....!

  3. The doily will be pretty! Love the colors of the thread. I hope I win the giveaway!!

  4. Very pretty colors! Again, you do very lovely work.

  5. Hi Rachel. Can you add my name to the give away. I would love to have this and maybe have it for a center piece for a necklace. Thanks a bunch for having the giveaway. Yeah Rachel!!

  6. Beautiful pattern, thanks for sharing it,
    I know I am too late for your gorgeous giveaway, I must say its a beautiful pattern.

  7. I have a question I am a shuttle tatter, not tried needle although I am thinking of giving it a go, you say run needle through any picot and ch 15, could I do this with a shuttle, pick up a picot and shuttle tat 15.
    Sorry to ask but its a lovely pattern and would love to have a go.

  8. Simply LOVE the doily! I really like the accent row...never would have thought of doing that. So pretty!

  9. Lovely blog, I just found you today! Everything looks lovely. I've subscribed with google reader and can't wait to see more!