Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tiger Swallowtails Everywhere

Good afternoon! According to the UPS tracking app, my new battery will arrive tomorrow.

Since it is such a gorgeous day, I set up a lawn chair and tatted for a while in our orchard. After a bit, I noticed that our plum tree was full of honeybees and 4 tiger swallowtails. I managed to get an image or two that I'll leave you with today. Have a great day & perhaps I'll get the battery in before posting tomorrow. Until then- Happy Tatting!

-Rachel Colvin Jackson, the Piney Woods Tatter


  1. Beautiful spring picture. Gosh I wish we had trees looking like that instead of the winter look.

  2. Beautiful! Spring seems to have gone missing here in the Midwest. I can't wait for the bulbs to come up and the trees to bud! Thanks for sharing such a lovely photo!