Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Staycation Day Two

Celtic Faire
Good morning, dear readers!
Today is going to be full of laundry chores, tatting and the cleaning out and organizing of my various portable Ateliers.  I have a large chest that I use when on extended trips and several small boxes and such for shorter trips and jaunts.  As I am in the midst of designing a new collection, they all need revising and organizing.
After playing with Rosie Fey, I worked on the Easter pendant.  This is where it is at now:
I plan to add another round or two with some interwoven chains around the perimeter and am still contemplating what to do with the center.  Any suggestions?  I'm leaning toward a pearl with a purple seed bead accent, but may see how it looks with a picot laden ruffle center in lavender.
The washer just quit, so I need to pop that load in the dryer and start the next load.  Then it's onto ironing and folding.  Jim is busy with various yardworking chores.  Jocelin is supposed to be cleaning her room...yeah, right.  After I get 3 more laundry loads done, I plan to take care of organizing the portable Ateliers and then work on the Easter pendant this afternoon & evening.  Hope you have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. That is so gorgeous!! :)
    I think that a picot center would be nice and maybe some beads mixed in??? :)

  2. Lovely piece of tatting, is it going to be a pendant?

  3. I love the colour choice of this piece, it is beautiful. can't wait to see the finished piece.

  4. Your Easter pendant is looking very good, the ideas you mentioned for it, will make it really gorgeous. I love the colors. Have fun with your spring cleaning. It may say it is spring by the calendar, but the 2' of snow we still have makes me wonder. It is supposed to get above freezing during the day this weekend.

  5. It's so pretty and I love all the beads.