Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still Waiting

Good afternoon ! Yes, I am still waiting for the laptop's battery to be delivered. It is listed as "out for delivery" as of 7:22 this morning, but no sign of it yet.

Rosie has discovered the wonder of chasing her tail! We were playing with her last night when she got distracted by her tail then commenced to spinning. I laughed so hard my sides hurt! She is a blessing & treasure.

Tatting wise, I have a couple of projects going that I hope to share with you soon. I'll leave you today with an image of my dogwood, which is just starting to open its blooms. Until tomorrow-
Happy Tatting!

-Rachel Colvin Jackson, the Piney Woods Tatter

1 comment:

  1. Wow, your mail post comes early! I checked my order from Valdani this morning, and it's listed as out for delivery, but our postman doesn't reach our block until after 3. I love receiving packages in the mail. . . it's as close as I get to Christmas morning. lol Hope your battery arrives soon! "-)