Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vintage & Antique Goodies

Good morning, dear readers!
It feels so strange to be writing my daily blogpost so late in the morning.  Jim and I awoke, ate breakfast and went for a long stroll in the Piney Woods.  It was cool and lovely in our woods, with a bit of misty fog.
I have some recent acquisitions to share with you.  My dear friend Tommee is getting out of the vintage jewelry business and will be focusing her creative endeavors on jewelry design.  She graciously let me sift through her remaining inventory and this is my modest haul:
A lovely antique, handcarved shell cameo in a gold-filled setting.  She will be a stunning addition to my Romance of the Piney Woods collection!
Another antique, handcarved shell cameo in a gold-filled mounting.  I really like her hairstyle and think she will be gorgeous with lots of frilly tatting surrounding her.
I had a diffucult time getting a good image of this vintage Juliana brooch.  The stones are a neat variegation of white, ecru and light tan mixed with smokey topaz navettes.  I have just the Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk to accent this beauty!
And I dug these MOP buttons out of Tommee's huge button jar.  They are large and will make wonderful centers for doilies, brooches, pendants, or whatever they later tell me they should be.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?
Well, Jim has just finished his 3rd cup of coffee.  Guess that means he's ready to go into town for our grocery store run.  I plan to work on some tatting this afternoon and hope to have something new to show you tomorrow.  Have a great day & until then~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Those two cameos like Italian to me and I look forward to seeing what you do with them.
    Lovely brooch with a sweeping design, I wonder what you might do with it

  2. With the MoP buttons I like the leaf shape in them and wonder about echoing that shape in the tatting -- I'm thinking of the tatted rings that have one picot in the center -- r 12ds, p, 12 ds, close ring -- or something like that. They would also be lovely anchors for snowflakes.