Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Final Counts for Bracelet

Good morning, dear readers!
Here are the final counts for the bracelet:
Begin by running needle through 8 seed beads and + to -.
ALL of the chains on this side of the bracelet begin with picking up 1 seed bead with the needle.
CH 11 - (with 3 seed beads) 11 CL + to next - and pull a long length of silk through.  Note that it is easier to use a second needle on the working thread end to help with weaving the chains through.
Repeat these counts 2 more times, weaving as you go,  then
CH 13 - (with 3 seed beads) 13 CL + to next -, weaving as you go.
Continue along length of bracelet until you reach the last 3 Rs.
Repeat the CH 11 counts and finish by running the needle through 8 seed beads.  Tie & add a dot of jeweler's adhesive before cutting.
Add a clasp with jumprings.
I did not realize that the clasp I planned to use on this bracelet was damaged.  It does not close and hold securely.  After digging through my findings, I could not find another clasp of similar size- bummer.  All of the other clasps I have are either way too small or too large.  I'll pick up a package of clasps the next time I'm at the craft store and take an image so you can see the final bracelet.
Well, I have a fun day planned.  It is time to clean out and defrost the deep freezer.  Oh, joy.  Still, it is a very necessary chore.  Let's hope it goes quickly and I can get back to my tatting.  There are a couple of projects I'm working on, so perhaps I'll have something nice to share soon.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Lovely pattern, thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Hi Rachel :) Can you show us how to attach the clasp/jump rings? I'm having a problem keeping my work flat. Any suggestions? Thank you.