Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Next Step for Bracelet

Good morning!
Yesterday was rather busy, but at least I am somewhat caught up on laundry.  When Jim & Jocie are home, it seems as though the dirty clothes piles heap up.  Oh, well...
This is the next step for the bracelet:
Just a simple accent round of chains with beads that flow around the previously tatted rings.
The number of beads you will need to string on the silk depends upon the number of rings and chains you've used for your bracelet foundation.
Run tatting needle through picot of first R.
Add 1 seed bead to needle, then tat as follows:
CH 7 - (with 3 seed beads) 7 CL + to next -, repeat 3 times.
CH 9 - (with 3 seed beads) 9 CL + to next -, continue until coming to last 3 Rs, then
CH 7 - (with 3 seed beads) 7 CL + to last -.
The continuation of this pattern will be posted tomorrow!
Hope you are enjoying the bracelet pattern.  I've had a good time playing.
I'm  working on cleaning some of my recent acquisitions- getting them ready for embellishment.  The cameos look so much better now that I've cleaned the mountings and the cameos themselves.  Additionally, I've been cleaning up a few vintage brooches and MOP buttons.  After I post all of the parts of the bracelet project, I'll share some new eyecandy with you!
My hot cocoa is waiting and I need to clean the Atelier before doing more work.  Have a great day & until Wednesday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. This bracelet is going to look beautiful, I have a few things on at the moment but I will be trying this bracelet

  2. Thank you for sharing the bracelet pattern.

    What do you use to clean vintage jewelry & buttons? How do you clean such pieces?