Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Subtle Elegance Pendant

After posting the foundations yesterday, I added a bit more to the first one:

The center accent is a 6.5mm Akoya pearl surrounded by beige Czech seed beads.
A few extra rounds of overtatting and chain weaving were added for good measure.
All I need to do now is attach the jumpring finding and perhaps add a "bead dangle" to the bottom-  one of my sterling silver or pewter pine cones. 

Here is another view of the piece:

Doesn't seem so subtle, does it?  Care to suggest a new name for this pendant anyone?

I think I shall see what I can do with the other foundation.  It may be altered a bit before I start adding accents.  There are a couple of design ideas floating around in my head and I am debating adjusting my counts.  Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

The beads and pearls are waiting so I'd better get busy.  Have a great day!
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. It makes me think of the moon and pearls. Like something a mermaid queen would wear or something. Goddess of the sea or something. It's very ethereal. You did a wonderful job! So beautiful! Great job!

  2. Star of the evening? It's gorgeous!

  3. I would call that Royal Elegance, because it looks like it was made for a queen!! It's so beautiful!!! :)

  4. It is very pretty, it isn't completely silver any more, but I think Carol's suggestion in very good.

  5. So pretty! The Moon and Diamonds is what comes to mind.Or Pearls and diamonds.

  6. I think snow queen would be a good for a beautiful pendant
    I love this design and the colour is goegrous

  7. This is heirloom quality, and it it stunningly beautiful. Whoever gets this pendant will be thrilled. Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for a name.

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