Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Apron Museum

There is a true diamond set in the beautiful town of Iuka, Mississippi- The Apron Museum !!!

Carolyn Terry, the owner/curator of the Pineslab Shop & Apron Museum, was an absolute joy to meet and visit with.  Her cute shop/museum is filled with oodles of goodies to make any fiberholic squeal with delight.

When you first walk in, the museum side is to the right.  Carolyn has just about every kind of apron imaginable on display.  There are gorgeous crocheted aprons, "naughty" and peek-a-boo aprons, dainty 1950's & 60's hostess aprons, chicken scratch (gingham with embroidery) aprons and many, many more.  I truly wish we'd had more time to visit with Carolyn and comb through her collection.  Jocelin and I were in heaven while Jim was the epitome of a Southern gentleman, patiently waiting for us to sift through treasures.

To the left is the antique store and "for sale" apron section.  There is a varied selection of vintage goodies one could purchase to embelish an apron or other fiber art piece.  Here are a few images of the crocheted doilies and what-nots available:

Beautiful blues, reds & yellows.

Love these fabulous reds!

Springy fresh greens.

For those of you who would like to know more, click on the museum link at the top of this post or check out the Apron Museum on facebook.  Ms. Carolyn will be glad to answer any questions you have and I can assure you, she would LOVE to hear any of your personal apron stories.

Antiquing and hunting for various vintage fiber arts are among my favorite activities.  Inspiration is always to be found in the needlework of previous generations, but I must admit- I am especially inspired to revisit my "tatting apron" design after viewing Carolyn's collection.  I hope to have something to share with you on that front soon.

Many thanks to Ms. Carolyn for her gracious hospitality!  We will be visiting again.

Well, I am off to dig through my fabric stash.  I feel the need to sew an apron.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Well I never thought there would be an apron museum, what a joy to walk though and see how aprons from different ages were, and those gorgeous pictures of the bits and pieces. We don't have at least I don't think we have an apron museum in the uk
    Thank you for sharing them,

  2. I love apron and I have a good collection of old aprons that i have collected for a few years and I have made a few new ones to wear