Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Even though it was rainy and dreary yesterday, I managed to get in some tatting in between cleaning and cooking.

The blue pendant was completed and tweaked a bit along with the neutral variegated pendant.  More was done on the peach brandy pendant and I started another brooch foundation.

Here is a better view of the pendants.  Both are accented with Akoya pearls and Swarovskis.

The peach brandy is coming along nicely and I had to start another brooch foundation with this marvelous Valdani pearl cotton- LOVE this purple color!

The peach brandy pendant would not lay flat long enough to get a good shot.  It will look better once the round I'm working on is complete & the piece is blocked.

So, what are you working on, dear readers?  What is on your Spring tatting list?

Well, I have procrastinated long enough.  I've got laundry to hang out and more serious cleaning to get done before the weekend.  We are putting in my herb garden Saturday and I need to have all of my housework done.  I'm also cooking a bit extra along this week so all we have to do is heat something up.  Hope you have a marvelous day!
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. They are all so pretty! I especially love the ones with the pearl centers. You do beautifuly and I enjoy looking at them.

  2. You are so creative and make such beautiful things! :)

  3. These are beautiful Rachel! Are the patterns in a book that we can buy?

  4. They are all beautiful, I still love the blue one.
    You asked what I was working on, I have just finished a two colour cross and another one is nearly there, And I have the intatters spring exchange to do, watch my blog for some of the bits coming.
    Have a nice day,