Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Outcroppings Hiking Trail

The hardest thing to do at Tishomingo State Park is deciding what hiking trail to take first!  There are 7 to choose from and each is scenic and just gorgeous.  We chose the "Outcroppings Trail" for our first hike.

This trail is a long loop that begins and ends at the swinging suspension bridge.  Jocelin was NOT a happy camper posing for the pic with Big Daddy as the bridge was moving!  After we got her across and embarked upon the trail, she was fine.  This was the most scenic of the trails, in my opinion, as there were loads of breathtaking rocky outcroppings covered in moss.  Several icy cold streams and creeks were sprinkled along the way- one was quite slippery.  My behind still hurts when I recall the slip I made when crossing that one!

The images above are from another area in the park, close to the pioneer cabin.  The moss covered stairs and fountain are so pretty!

Here is a montage of images taken around the pioneer cabin.
We had such a good time walking and exploring!  The scenery was gorgeous and the birds gave us a full concert the entire time.

I was particularly struck by the colors of the moss on the rocks.  So much artistic stimulation almost gives me sensory overload!
At least that was the excuse I gave Jim so he'd grill our supper!!!

Be sure to check out tomorrow's post as I have a special surprise for you.  I am still so excited about this one place we visited- I just know you will LOVE it!!!
Until then~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Wow gorgeous pictures, what a beautifully place, thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.
    I missed your last couple of posts, your roses look gorgeous.


  2. What a wonderful looking get-away place!! :)