Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Planting

We finally have done ALL of the Spring planting!  The vegetable garden is thriving and my little herb garden is planted, mulched and soaking up the sun.  Jim and I will need the rest of the week to recover from our weekend!

I tried to get some images of the herb garden, but the light was too strong on the light meter.  The images would have been way too bright.  I'll try to get a couple of shots this evening after the sun goes down.

We did have quite the flower show in the yard.  Here is a montage of some of my blooming beauties:

The lower right image is of the goodies I found Friday on the antiquing trip with my mom.  The Bavarian bread & butter plate is just beautiful, and I happened upon a selection of vintage florist cards.  I thought they would be great to use as earring cards.  There are a number of different cards with a variety of sentiments.

I did not do much tatting, but focused my energy on taking care of the gardening chores.  With all of those done, I hope to put much more effort into my tatting this week! 

 Well, I am off to the Atelier to dig through thread, beads and buttons.  What could I possibly come up with to share with you tomorrow?  Stay tuned for some tatting goodies and perhaps a surprise or two this week.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

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  1. Your garden is going to look beautiful, I hope your veg does well.
    We have not been able to get out in the garden as its been raining a lot over the last week, I have some sunflower seeds to sow, and the bedding plants to get soon for the tubs, it's a bit too early here to plant them out in case we get a frost.

    Look forward seeing what you have in store for us.