Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vintage Finds

After taking Jocie to school, I had a number of errands to take care of today.  In between appointments, I squeezed in a little junquing/antiquing.  Here are my treasures:

Two wonderful old pierced shell buttons still on the card, a honkin' huge carved shell button and oodles of 2 hole MOP shell buttons, and two cute porcelain place cards with pinecones!  Aren't the place cards cute?  You can write on them with a marker & wipe it off with a rag.  I'm sure you'll be seeing them in a lot of future images.  Notice the fabric in the background- it's a silk shantung remnant.  Cost a whopping .25!  Yep, a whole quarter. 

Not much tatting has come off my needles today as I only had a few precious moments early this morning before the chaos of an overactive day ensued.  I am ready for some quiet time where I can sit with needle & thread and tat something pretty!

Many thanks to those who have voted on the purse project thread and offered their opinions!  The poll ends next Monday, so be sure to let me know your thoughts.  I appreciate all suggestions and help.

Guess I had better get supper started.  After supper I'm taking a "soaking bath" with a soothing cup of mint tea, putting on my favorite ratty pj's and crawling into bead early.  Maybe tomorrow will be less stressful and hurried.  May you have a wonderful and restful evening.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

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