Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heart Accents

One of my evening needlework projects is a set of embroidered hearts that will either be framed or made into pillows.  As I was embroidering, it occurred to me that the pieces could use a few tatted accents.  So... after taking Jocelin to school, I sat down with my tatting needles and played a bit.

These should work nicely for one of the embroidered heart pieces.  They are simple rings with chains joined at the top bar of the ring's double stitches to form hearts.  I'll probably tat a few more in other colors and vary the counts for a bit of artistic flair.

To tat the bottom heart: use a size 7 tatting needle, size 8 Valdani pearl cotton in #O775 "Turkey Red".  String one 4mm "Siam Red" Swarovski bicone on the thread at tat the following:
R 13 - with Swarovski 13 CL
CH 5 followed by 7 even sized medium -s 3 CL + (run needle through) the top bar of the 3rd ds to the left of the Swarovski
CH 5 followed by 3 1st 1/2 ds, 3 2nd 1/2 ds three times 5 CL + (run needle through) at the corresponding spot on the other side of the Swarovski
CH 3 followed by 7 even sized medium -s 5 CL + (run needle through) the top bar of the ds next to the first CH tatted.
Tie & cut, hide ends.

Accent hearts can be used for a wide array of purposes.  Vary your counts, add beads & just have fun.

Since the kid is back in school & the hubby at work, maybe I can get some serious cleaning done.  I'd like to get my house neat & tidy so  the weekend can be spent finishing several projects.  Have a wonderful day doing whatever it is that makes your soul sing!
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!