Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DMC Pendant

Here is the finished DMC pendant:

It began as a simple ICR foundation of 4 and was filled out with accent tatting and a center focal of a 6mm "Siam" Swarovski and maroon seed bead.  Do I need to post the counts?  If enough folks are interested, I'll put them up later.

I have been thinking of different options for the next giveaway event.  As Valentine's day is fast approaching, I'd like to use that theme.  If anyone has any suggestions, comments are always welcome!  March's event is already planned.  I just love St. Patrick's day & have a wonderful event already put together.  But for Valentine's day, there are so many options.  Should I do an event with tatting needles & thread, an event with a special tatted piece, or an event with various creative bits & pieces?

It's time for my manicure, so I'd better hop to it.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Oh, this is loverly! Love the pattern and the thread you used!

  2. your work is always beautiful! Any event you choose will be great, can't wait.

  3. This is another winner. Love the color, also. Would love the count. All your give ways have been wonderful.

  4. I think it's smashing! I'd like the counts as well!