Friday, January 6, 2012

Basic Button Brooch Foundation Pattern

Since I'm going to be busy tatting brooches this weekend, I thought I'd share a basic button brooch foundation with you.  The example imaged below was made with a 1" diameter 2-hole mother-of-pearl shell button, Valdani size 8 pearl cotton in color H 204 "Nostalgic Rose" and a size 7 tatting needle.

It is a very simple pattern of 10 Rs & CHs.  The counts are:
R 11 + (through button hole) 11 CL RW
CH 7 followed by 5 graduated picots ( sm, med, lg, med, sm) 7 CL RW
Use these counts for the entire motif, working 5 Rs in each button hole.  After working last CH, + to base of first R, tie & cut, hide ends.
Please note: I use a very small crochet hook to pull the thread through the button holes.

This is just one of the basic foundations I use for my button brooches.  Interwoven chains and a variety of other additional tatted embellishemnts can be added to the foundation along with beads, cabochons, pearls, smaller buttons, Swarovskis...the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.  Check back next week to see what I come up with this weekend!

May you have a fantastic tatting weekend!  I certainly plan to! 
 Until Monday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. That looks gorgeous and before I see any more I know thats going to be lovely. I love the colour. looking forward to seeing how it works out.

  2. Very pretty :) You make some of the simplest patterns into such pretty things. I love your tatting :X

  3. I like this, it's really beautiful!

  4. Hi Rachel :) I found a button I could practice with and started your pattern. Right now, it looks pretty good, can't wait to see what the next row looks like. Anxiously awaiting....

  5. Thanks so much for sharing - what a lovely idea. I have made my first one and can't wait to design some new ideas xx