Friday, August 23, 2013

Working on Jayne

Good morning, dear readers!
We are gradually getting back into the swing of homeschooling and I am somehow managing to get in a little bit of tatting time each day.  Plain Jane is slowly being transformed into Lady Jayne, but I had to take a break from her.  There were a couple of design ideas bouncing around in my head that I had to play with.
Anyhow, here is a peek at the beginnings of  Lady Jayne:
This is the center motif with a few bead accents.
And this is the drop accent that will hang from the center motif.  I may add more beads, according to how the side pieces turn out.  They may be needed to provide more balance to the necklace.
The above image is of a bracelet prototype that I'm currently designing.  I really love this Valdani Pearl Cotton in color O538 "Cottage Smoke".  It looks great with the Delica beads I'm using and also the pearls I plan to add on another subsequent round.
And here is a little pendant motif I'm still playing with:
It began like this...
Then grew to this...
And this is where it is at now.  I sidetracked myself by starting the bracelet prototype!  The bracelet idea popped into my head as I was contemplating the next round for the pendant.  That O538 Valdani pearl cotton was sitting there just begging me to tat something with it, and the bracelet idea popped into my head.  I sketched it out roughly and began tatting.
I'm hoping to get back to Jayne this weekend, but it all depends upon how well the bracelet project goes.  For some reason, that is what my hands want to tat.
It is also time for another Piney Woods Event, isn't it?!?  I have oodles of vintage buttons and other miscellaneous goodies that may be put into the give away- or do y'all want me to put up a special OOAK piece?  Comment on this post to let me know which you'd prefer or if you think I should do both!
Well, Rosie Fey is ready for our morning run.  Guess I had better take care of her and the chickens before starting homeschool for the day.  May you have a wonderful week full of tatting goodness!  Until next Friday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Well what a lot of gorgeous tatting, he bracelet is beautiful can't wait to see it finished, the last motif is beautiful and will make a gorgeous pendant.
    I look forward to your next event whatever you decide I am sure it will be great
    Have a lovely weekend, we have a bank holiday in the UK.
    Happy tatting

  2. hi, you surprise me everytime I see your pictures.
    Happy tatting from Italy

  3. I think you should do both. Miss reading your blog, everyday, but understand the Friday posts. Beautiful as always. Can't wait until next Friday.

  4. Wow!! You sure have been busy!! Everything is so beautiful!!! :)

  5. Whatever you decide you have the time for is ok with me. Home schooling must take quite a bit of extra time to do. I love all your things you show. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with all of us.

  6. I love seeing what you've been tatting. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. As far as 'giveaways' go, whatever you decide will be wonderful.
    Stephanie W. in NC

  7. Rachel, anything your decide would be fine..but I am leaning towards vintage buttons and misc..LOL...and I Luv, Luv you beginnings of the pendant motif...I can see it being a brooch in the first and second stages.....I can still only DREAM of making such pieces....LOL

  8. Rachel... home schooling, designing, playing with Rosie if you didn't have enough to do! Anything you decide for an event would be wonderful.