Monday, August 12, 2013

Blog Changes

Good morning, dear readers!
For some time, I have been considering making some changes to this blog and how I share my work.  After consulting with my husband and our copyright attorney, I will implement the following changes:
Frequency of posting will now be reduced to once per week as I require more time for the home education of our daughter and for the tatting of OOAK art works.  The blog posts will usually occur on Fridays, unless a holiday or such interferes.
I will continue to post the occasional FREE pattern, which will remain free for my readers' use.
Much of what I will be posting in the future is OOAK work.  Please, do not ask for the patterns of these pieces.  And do not copy them!  I will most vigorously protect and defend my intellectual property.  I feel that I have shared plenty of patterns as it is, and will NOT share how to construct my larger One-Of-A-Kind works.  It is my goal to focus on creating new and innovative works of needle tatted couture pieces and jewelry. 
Special events and give aways will be featured on occasion as my schedule and disposition allow.
I will NOT teach needle, shuttle, finger, cro-tatting or Japanese hook tatting.  There are plenty of online resources for these techniques and I feel that each individual should choose the method that she/he is most attracted to and able to utilize.  No one method is better or more artistic than any other.  Tatting method snobbery will not be tolerated in any manner on my blog or website.  If you have snarky comments regarding these methods, keep your opinions to yourself.  I would not wish to discourage anyone who wishes to create with their hands!!!
Many thanks to all who have followed my blog.  I hope you continue to do so.  You have given me inspiration and encouragement that is truly appreciated.  I look forward to your future comments and input as I embark upon the next chapter in my creative endeavors.  The next blog post will be up a week from this Friday on August 23rd.  Please note that I plan to include more images on these blog posts, so you will have plenty of tatting eye candy.
Well, Jocelin and I are off on an antiquing/junquing trip.  Let's hope we find lots of vintage and antique goodies to feature in my creations!  Thank you for following the blog!  Until August 23rd~
Happy Tatting!


  1. You always give us all such inspiration with your tatting, I hope your new changes with your blog will continue to inspire us your followers

  2. I've always been amazed at how often you posted and how quickly you tatted your amazing creations! I'm glad you're going to continue to show your work AND have a more relaxed schedule! The necklace is beautiful and it was so generous of you to share the pattern! It will be fun to see how much more you will add to it!