Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taking Inventory

Good morning, dear readers!
Jim got a bit more done on our home network last night.  I'll be glad when he is done.
I managed to get the buttons sorted and have made a list of buttons to keep an eye out for as I go on antiquing/junquing jaunts.  I have a lot of vintage plastic buttons that may be used for Christmas ornaments/gifts.  And I am considering hosting a give away event with buttons and other items I'll cull as I clean and renovate this month.  What do y'all think?  Are you interested???
Today's main chore is taking a very thorough thread inventory and making out lists of what I need to reorder.  I may find some thread to put in a give away- you never know what I'll find in the Atelier or shanty!
Well, I'm off to the shanty to dig in the thread boxes and cabinets.  Have a marvelous day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I definitely would be interested Rachel. I like tatting on buttons. my eight yr old grandson and I just went thru my button jar to try to find some to work on..LOL

  2. If you do a giveaway I'd love to be on your list. I enjoy reading your blog. It's awesome what you can do with a little thread, beads, and maybe a button or two. ;-)
    Stephanie W. in NC

  3. You seem to have the neatest buttons! Would I be interested in a button giveaway? You bet!