Monday, August 5, 2013

Serious Tech Upgrades

Good morning, dear readers!
Well, we sort of have our tech issues resolved.  It seems that we had an unexpected power surge that took out our wireless router, cable modem and insulated surge protector.  Fortunately, the laptop & desktop computers are on different surge protected circuits.  They were unaffected. The router and modem have been replaced, but Jim is still working on setting up our home network to his exact specifications.  What a blessing it is that my husband is an electrical engineer!
I am taking the next few days to help him get our home network set up and everything connected and protected as well as organizing my thread, bead and vintage items.  The Plain Jane Project will be revealed later this week as we really need several days to get things squared away and back to our liking.  Sorry for the delay, but unexpected things sometimes happen.
The blog theme for this month is "Renovations".  I plan to rework my favorite tatting areas in the house, Atelier and tatting shanty.  I'll let you know about some of the neat storage and decorative goodies I find and throw in a few peeks at some of the pieces in my upcoming Olde West Collection and a few new additions to the Romance of the Piney Woods Collection.
Rosie Fey is giving me the "look".  I had better take her out and get on with my day.  This is my antique/vintage button sorting day.  Hope your day is wonderful and full of joy.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

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  1. Rachel, just to let you know I kinda gave up on the tat a long. I got behind and I was having trouble with the intertwined row on the center motif. My chains are curling in a lot and not even trying to lay flat. I don't know if my tension on the chains are too tight or not enough. I might try it again later. But your work is such an inspiration to me. thank you.