Monday, June 3, 2013

What A Weekend

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
Well, we had a busy weekend.  My old stove finally died.  We spent the weekend shopping for a replacement and installing it.  At least now I can cook and bake without worrying about it either overheating or just shutting off for no apparent reason.  As you can imagine, I got very little tatting done.  I did play with the Mother-of-Pearl brooch, but have not really gotten enough done to share.  I hope to get a bit more done this evening, so tomorrow's post should have some eye candy.
The blog theme for June is Shabby Vintage Bridal.  I will be featuring my kind of shabby vintage designs that are geared toward brides.  Wait until you see some of the upcoming goodies!!!
Guess I'll head on out to the Atelier and get busy on that brooch and another work-in-progress.  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

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