Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Busy Cleaning

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
We ordered our new living room furniture and it should arrive either Friday or early next week.  It will probably be delivered by next Wednesday.  I have been cleaning in the living room and am almost ready to paint.  Jim is going to be roped into helping me with that this weekend.
The next project is going to be a total Atelier renovation.  I'm chunking my old ratty chair- it's already been repaired more times than I can count.  What do you think I should order- a chaise lounge or a chair & a half with an ottoman?  I'm thinking I may repaint the Atelier, too.  I've found a gorgeous sky blue that I totally love and a very light lavender.  The blue is what I'm painting the living room and the lavender would be great in the Atelier.  Then again, I also really like a pale peach.  Hmmm... I'll just have to put up some swatches on the walls and see what works best.
Do any of you have any suggestions for a tatting working space?  What would your dream tatting environment be/look like?
Well, I've got to get busy cooking supper.  Have a great day & until later this week~
Happy Tatting!

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  1. the palest of lavender would be my choice. As for chair, do you like to recline? or just put your feet up? those are things to consider. For me, a soft comfy rocker/recliner works well.