Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vintage MOP Buckles

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
I spent a good bit of yesterday cleaning these gorgeous, vintage MOP buckles.  They were found in a grubby box on the bottom shelf at a junque shop.  This one is my favorite:
It is the largest of the MOP buckles and features some pretty accent carving.  I was thinking about beading the center with pearls and Swarovskis, adding tatting and a brooch finding.  What do you think?  Of course, one could always make a special tatted lace belt accent for a bride with any of these MOP buckles.
These are the larger oval buckles.
And these are some smaller square buckles.  I thought these would be great accents on a tatted collar that is rather Art Deco in style.  Or perhaps a pendant accent and earrings.  What is your opinion?
Jim is making me breakfast this morning and it sure does smell good!  I'd better run so we have time to eat together before he heads to work.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I LOVE the collar accent idea. I'm not sure if it's something I would personally wear, but I can imagine it being truly beautiful.

  2. They are lovely, not sure about a collar accent, but I think they would make a pendant

  3. They are so pretty, especially the rectangular one. Sure would be nice to find things like this when I go looking. Not sure how to go about tatting these though.