Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pink Goodies Project Part One

Shabby Vintage
Good afternoon, dear readers!
The weather has not co-operated this afternoon for me to get more images of the Pink Goodies Project, but here is what it looked like very early this morning:
I completed the first round and have added 2 accent rounds.  This afternoon & evening I will be adding the center accents.  Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow to view the finished piece!
It was interesting to read your comments and emails about your projects.  It seems as though a lot of us have more projects than time to do them!
Rosie Fey is getting stronger and more active each day.  Keeping her relatively quiet and still is a difficult undertaking!  She is wanting to play tug-of-war so bad, but I worry about her stitches.  Only a week & a half until those stitches can come out- we're counting down, you know.
Speaking of Rosie Fey, she is spinning at the door so I'd better take her out before it starts sprinkling again.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Looking wonderful already!! :)

  2. Lovely. . .that variegated pink makes me think of yummy things, like cotton candy, frosted cupcakes and bubblegum. :)

  3. Love the colour,
    All dos are the same, I had one that decided to jump onto the settee the day after the op with stitches in, they sure make us panic when they do things we know they can't, don't worry those stitches are stronger than you think is what my vet told me.