Friday, May 24, 2013

Great Start to the Holiday Weekend

Shabby Vintage
Good evening, dear readers!
I have had an absolutely wonderful day!  After a leisurely morning of project organizing in the Atelier, I met my handsome husband for a lunch date at our favorite local restaurant.  Then I spent the afternoon shopping with our daughter.  We especially enjoyed visiting with Brenda & Travis at the Chartreuse Pear.  They never fail to have oodles of wonderful goodies and inspirational eye candy!  My current favorite product they carry (aside from the fabulous Lollia hand crèmes) is "French Velvet" linen spray.  You can use it on your linens, but it deodorizes like a dream!  Even wet doggy odor!  I spray it in my Jeep after taking Rosie Fey to the park.
After picking up a few items at the grocery store and seeing to Rosie Fey, I finally picked up the tatting needles.  Here is the next step on the motif I'm experimenting with:
I'm pleased with its progress, so far.
Kelly commented on my previous blog post concerning the thread/bead experiment about using beads and variegated thread.  This can be tricky to do, design wise, but should not hinder one from trying.  Pay careful attention to the intervals of color changes within the thread.  Some machine dyed threads are very regimented in their variegation, which I personally find repugnant and totally useless for my purposes.  Valdani threads are all ARTISAN HAND DYED.  This makes all of the difference.  There are also some gorgeous HDT to be found on Etsy- check out LadyShuttleMaker and YarnPlayer!  They have beautiful threads.
Another factor to consider is what size beads you choose to use.  With the silk thread, I am using size 11/0 seed beads.  These are small, light weight and are in colors that compliment the thread.  A contrasting color combination would look nice, too.  My advise it to tat with threads and beads in colors that make YOU happy. 
This is Memorial Day weekend here in the USA.  We take this time to remember all of those who have given their lives for our freedom.  Our family will celebrate by remembering the fallen heroes/heroines, cooking out and exercising our freedom by shooting on the target range and off-roading in the Jeep.  I hope to fit in some tatting time, too.  May you have a wonderfully creative weekend & until TUESDAY~
Happy Tatting!


  1. That design is looking very elegant!! :)

  2. Beautiful! I was wondering, if you have any tips on hiding ends. Most of the time I can hide them pretty well, but yours are invisible! Have a lovely weekend.:)

  3. This is a gorgeous design! Happy weekend.