Monday, February 25, 2013

Romantique Motif No. 4 FREE Pattern & Surprise

Good morning, dear readers!
I had a fantastic weekend, which I'll tell you about later after I post the Romantique Motif No. 4 FREE pattern.  This little heart is a variation on the 3 ICR hearts I've done for years.  Hope you enjoy it.
This motif is tatted with a size 8 tatting needle and Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S78 with 8 cranberry Czech seed beads.
Thread needle with 6 Czech seed beads the tat the ICRs with the following counts-
ICR 9 long- med- sm- 11 CL
ICR 9 very sm - 4 - (with 3 seed beads) 4 very sm- 9 CL
ICR 11 sm- med- long- 9 CL
Ch 4 sm- 35 CL
+ to very sm- of 2nd ICR, pick up 1 seed bead then Ch 5 CL
+ in between 1st & 2nd bead of beaded - of 2nd ICR
Ch 4 - (with 3 seed beads) 4 CL
+ between 2nd & 3rd seed bead of 2nd ICR
Ch 5 CL
+ to 2nd very sm - of 2nd ICR, pick up 1 seed bead then
CH 35 CL + to - of first Ch, Ch 4 CL, pull both threads through center of ICRs, tie at back, place a dot of jeweler's adhesive on silk, hide ends & cut.
An earwire or jumpring may be added to the - which joins the Chs.  I've varied this design a lot and place beads at different places and tweak my counts.  It's a fun design to play with.
Now, for the surprise- I have a new puppy baby!!! 
As many of you know, when my sweet Lily Fey died, it broke my heart.  This Saturday, while doing a Tractor Supply Store run for chicken feed and new boots, we were adopted by Rosie Fey- a lovely 6 week old Catahoula cur mix.
Our local no-kill shelter was having an event with lots of babies hoping to find their forever homes.  I did not even want to look, but Jim called me over to one of the puppy pens.  This gorgeous little spotted baby crawled up, wrapped her little paws around my neck and pressed herself to me.  She claimed me just like Lily Fey did when we rescued her!!!
  Rosie Fey rescued us.
You may wonder why we've named our last two girls "Fey".  The name means strange, unusual, or otherworldly.  Lily Fey was a brindle striped American Bulldog.  Her coloration was considered by many as unusual or strange.  She reminded me of a Tiger Lily- hence her name.  Rosie got her name because as soon as we got home, she went straight to my rose garden and proceeded to play.  Since she is a speckled Catahoula, we thought "Rosie Fey" was perfect.  And she is just that- perfect for me and our family.  She already LOVES the Piney Woods and is ready to go for a drive in the Jeep the moment I pick up my purse.  You will be seeing LOTS of her in future posts.
I had planned to finish the embriodery project, but was sidetracked by Rosie Fey.  I'm taking her to the vet today to have a general check up and to schedule her next round of shots and micro-chipping.  Perhaps she'll let me tat for a bit this afternoon when she takes her nap.  Well, I'd better get busy- today is full of many errands and Rosie Fey is ready to go out.  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Hi Rachel

    Firstly thank you for the lovely pattern, love it,
    Your new dog looks beautiful and I hope she brings you a lot of happiness. I look forward to hearing more about her.
    Have a nice day

  2. What a sweet heart design!! Thanks for sharing the pattern!! :)

  3. Rosie Fey is adorable! How wonderful that she claimed you the way she did!
    Thanks so much for the heart pattern.

  4. What a sweet puppy! She knew that you needed her. :)

  5. How wonderful that Rosie Fey claimed you and that you are her forever home! May her settling in go smoothly.