Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Technical Difficulties


Well, it seems that efforts to upload images from the DSLR camera to my Picassa account are not to be.  It is supposed to connect and upload wirelessly, but for some reason hangs up in the middle of image transfers.  Guess I'll have to try using Jocelin's iPhone later this afternoon.  Sometimes technology and I do not geehaw!
Rosie Fey is going to the vet for her exam this morning.  Afterwards, she will get to meet some new friends and shop for a dog bed.
I'll get new images taken and uploaded this afternoon.  Between Jocie's iPhone & Jim's, something will work.  Sorry for the delay!
Rosie is ready to go out, so have a great day & until later this afternoon or tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. We all get some technical problems from time to time, it might be the age of technical gadgets but they don't make life easier
    Hope she enjoys picking her new bed

  2. It could be that the image files are too large. . . some websites have a limit to how many pixels or kg/mg the picture can be. I hope you get it all worked out, and congratulations on your new puppy baby!