Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm A Happy Girl!

Good morning, dear readers!
Guess what!?!  My brand new iPhone 5 just arrived from Apple!!!  My first iPhone 5's camera froze up- the shutter would not open and it would not switch to the camera on the front of the phone.  Anyhow- Apple replaced it and I'm a happy, happy girl!!!
Now to restore it and set it up- which will take a while.
I had planned to do one more FREE pattern for this month, but it just is not working out.  How about if I take the original design and tweak it for March's theme?  Give me the weekend to get it together and I'll have it up on Monday.
Rosie Fey is settling into her new home and received a clean bill of health from the vet.  She is just what we all needed- especially me.  I typically keep my blog free from any advertisements or the like, but I have included a widget on the right side of the blog for 4Paws.  This is where we adopted Rosie Fey.  They have recently acquired land and are raising funds to build a larger facility.  If you are so inclined, please click on the widget to donate.  Thanks!  Rosie Fey will be donating some puppy food and volunteer time very soon.
Well, I am off to get the iPhone set up to my satisfaction.  May you have a wonderful day & many thanks for your patience during my multiple technical difficulties!  Don't forget to check out the blog to see what the March theme will be.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

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  1. Your sound very happy, I hope the new iphone will be sucessful.
    Have a nice weekend