Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pendant In Progress

This morning started off great.  I got up and had some time to get a bit of tatting done before the daily household activities began.  Good thing, because as I was on my way home from taking the kid to school, I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light.  My Jeep seems to be okay, but I'm still VERY shook-up.  My tatting tension is ridiculous!!!  I think I'll leave the tatting needles alone today and try again tomorrow morning.
Well, here is what I started on earlier:

What do you think of this pendant-in-progress?  I'm using the same Valdani pearl cotton that I used on the "Awaiting Spring" pendant.  This colorway is becoming a favorite.

I'm going to take a couple more Advil and lay down for a bit before going to pick-up Jocie.  Sorry for the short post, but I'm having a stressful day.  Tomorrow is bound to be much better.  Until then~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Oh, my ... take care of yourself. Sorry to read about your vehicle accident.

    As for your tatting, the Valdani color is charming. Will be another successful tatting project ; )

  2. Hope you feel peaceful and relaxed soon!! :)
    Tatting will wait patiently. :)

  3. I'm so glad you're okay! Take it easy for a while.
    Love the pendant!

  4. Sorry to hear about the accident, and I hope that you will be alright. Very pretty pendant, Rachel. I have a spool of Sulky that has a similar colorway as your Awaiting Spring. I think that the Sulky color is Heathers.