Friday, February 3, 2012

Gathering Buttons

I have spent the day going through the antique button collection, sorting out which ones I want to use in my weekend tatting.
This is my selection:

Aren't these carved shell buttons beautiful?!?  They will be put on the inspiration tray along with various Swarovskis, seed beads, pearls and Valdani threads.  I use a velvet lined tray to keep my project materials arrayed for work.  It is pretty and keeps everything neat and organized. 

I have a number of works to finish this weekend and hope to make more progress on the purse project.  Perhaps I'll have something interesting to show you Monday!

Well, I am off to get the rest of what I need gathered up in the Atelier.  After that I plan to spend the evening tatting and watching a few episodes of Grimm on the DVR.  Have a wonderful "Superbowl" weekend and don't forget to leave comments on Tuesday's "Be My Valentine" event post and/or any of the Facebook postings I did on the event.  That way you have multiple chances of winning one of the 3 prizes!  Until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Beautiful buttons! When I met my husband in 2003 I had a small two bedroom house with a full basement. I did all the handcrafts and had over 400 yards of material. I also had a lot of my moms stuff since she had died when I was 23 years old. We had a huge rumage sale and several women were very happy, one got over 100 spools of crochet and tatting thread, one got the material and the last got about 150 skeins of yarn. I love watching your postings.

  2. You have some of the prettiest tatting finds that I have ever seen Rachel! I'm jealous! Where do you go to find them?