Monday, February 20, 2012

Girl's Day

Jocie and I had a wonderful "girl's day" today!  We popped over to Hobby Lobby, then visited one of the local quilt shops, & finally engaged in some bargain shopping at the dollar stores.  I treasure special one-on-one time with my teenaged daughter.  She will be grown and on her own before I know it.

After returning home, I discovered the package UPS left at the door- it was our Lee Valley order.  Jim had ordered some special drawer pulls for his woodcarving bench and I ordered some watchmaker tins for storing my Czech art glass buttons and Swarovskis.  Here is an image of the Czech buttons, neatly organized:

This is the way to store buttons!  These tins come in their own hinged-lid aluminum case.  If you'd like to order some, click on this link. 

I got a little bit of tatting done this weekend, but not much.  Pictured below is an image of a St. Pat's button brooch work-in-progress:

I've tatted more than what is imaged, but don't want to show too much of it as my Mom really loves this button and has hinted that a tatted goody made with one of these "green beauties" would be appreciated.  If it turns out nicely, she'll probably get her wish.

Well, Jocie and I are ready for our chick-flick & chocolate.  Have a wonderful day!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!



  1. My daughter is only 2 1/2 & some of my favorite time is mommy/daughter time!! I do hope she still enjoys it when she's a teenager!

  2. I sometimes get nanny/grand daughter time, she's learning tatting slowly and as I didn't see her that often at the moment, moments when tatting talk is a shared joy don't come very often.