Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Step Two of Tatted Necklace Project

I've gotten a fair bit done on the next round of the necklace.
This is a really easy round to do.  Run the needle through any side - of any R & Ch9-(with 3 beads)9 CL, run the needle through next R's -, carrying the newly made chain across the beaded top of the foundation R.  Use your fingers to shape and neaten your work. 
The piece pictured above is another foundation necklace tatted to a little over Opera length (36+ inches).  It was done with Sulky Blendables size 12 quilting cotton in "Lime Sherbet" and is enhanced with size 10 Ornela Czechoslovakian seed beads in "Cream Pearl".  I will be doing a different elaboration on this foundation later.  Stay tuned for further developments...
Here are the two necklaces draped over a pine cone.  The ecru tatting on my blouse (used as a handy backdrop) was done by my great-great grandmother.  A few years before her death, my grandmother gave me a box filled with tatted and crocheted edgings done by various great- great & great grandmothers.  If she knew who did what, I used a safety pin and attached a label to it.  I love to wear my own work, but it always makes me feel special to wear something one of my grandmothers made.  They have given me the most precious legacy- the ability and inspiration to create needle art!
Until tomorrow...
Happy Tatting!

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  1. Oh, how pretty is this! I am so happy to see you here! Thanks again for sharing. Yea!