Monday, August 29, 2011

The Long Awaited Launch

After many years devoted to homeschooling and family concerns, I am at long last returning to my passion- creating original needle tatted art. 
My current project is in the above image.  It is a foundation for a necklace tatted in Sulky Blendables 12 weight quilting cotton in the "Caramel Apple" color variegation and is enhanced with Miyuki Shoji rocailles (size 15 seed beads) in "Gold Luster Cranberry".   To get to this point string a good number of beads (I did not keep an exact count) and proceed to tat the following until you have a length of approximately 26 inches:  R5-5-(with 3 beads)5-5 CL RW Ch 5-(with 3 beads)5 CL RW  R5+ (to last - of previous R) 5-(with 3 beads)5-5 CL RW & continue.  When you have reached the length you want, tat the last R5+ to last - of previous R5-(with 3 beads)5+ to the first - of the first R CL RW Ch5-(with 5 beads)5 CL join to the base of first R & Ch, tie, cut & hide ends.

Here is a close up of the foundation.  Round two will follow very shortly!

Please note that I am new to blogging and am working hard to learn how to layout and configure my blog to be more aesthetically pleasing.  Thanks for your interest and please remember to leave comments.  I appreciate the input!

Happy Tatting!!!


  1. Hi Rachel :)
    What beautiful tatting and such a pretty picture! Love the thread that you used, never tatted with that and I doubt that I could see this weight now, at least not without the help of some mags!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! So glad you are doing this and sharing your awesome work! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!

  3. Wonderful!!! G;ad to see u blogging about your tatting!

  4. hmmm, looks like my post disappeared,

    your blog looks very nice Rachel, and welcome to the world of blogging.
    it is so nice to see what others are doing.

    your layout is very easy to read, and we all have spent time tweaking our blogs to see what we like the best.

    your foundation row is very nice, even stitches and I will be interested in seeing the completed project.

    interesting camera in the background of your picture, what is it?

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Your tatting is beautiful, Rachel. I like the way you have it displayed with your camera... very cool!

  6. Love your blog. Colors in your photos are great. I don't spend enough time designing my blogs, just use standards I'm afraid. I tried to become a follower, but I can't get it to do anything. Is it just not set up yet or did I forget how...?

  7. Rachel - we've missed you! Do you still have your wonderful patterns available?

  8. Nice to see you back Rachel! Looking forward to following your blog and seeing more of your wonderful designs.

  9. I also began to blog. but I feel somewhat sad. that I have no fan .. and until I started two days ago .. is not much but it is promising good things to my blog. I hope to help me. and your blog is nice and very cool wouu