Friday, January 3, 2014

Taking Inventory

Blog theme for January~
"New Beginnings"
Happy New Year, dear readers!
I hope that you all had as fabulous a holiday season as we did.  It truly was the best one we've had in years.
As you know, I am in the process of many renovations and changes concerning my website, blog and tatting pursuits.  This week, I am going through all of my threads, pearls, beads, vintage goodies and supplies.   I am weeding out what I do not plan to use or will not use, along with preparing supply orders.  Here are some images of a few strands of cultured pearls I've recently acquired:

 These light blue cultured pearls will be worked into a few of my new bridal line designs.  I thought they would make a lovely "something blue".

These are just various strands of cultured pearls I've lucked up on.  They will make their way into OOAK pieces.

Well, I had better get back into the Atelier and try to make more progress with my thread, pearl & bead culling and sorting.  After I finish with that, I plan to sit down with my pearl supplier's catalog and make out a pearl order, then move on to making out the Swarovski crystal order.  At some point within the next couple of weeks, I really need to go junquing in search of vintage treasures.

I will be debuting the new Piney Woods Atelier website in February along with several OOAk pieces, so be on the lookout for special "sneak peeks" between now and then.  Until next Friday, may you all have a great New Year &
Happy Tatting!



  1. I wish you and your family a happy new year,
    I look forward to all your new ideas and plans, due to an injury I can't tat at the moment but I have been doing some playing with paper and ideas to come

  2. Cool buncha goods you have! Pearls are really one of those 'dime a dozen' things, even if they would seem ubiquitous and innumerable. It's only a few seasons in a year to get the sea shells to produce one. In any case, hope you get all your supplies covered and accounted for, in as swiftly as you can possibly make it, so that you'd keep tabs on all that you've got, and minimize unnecessary losses.

    Shirley @ RG Accounting