Friday, January 31, 2014

New Blog Coming Soon!!!

Good evening, dear readers!
We recently upgraded our computer system and it does not play well with the blogger platform.  I have been unable to upload images and pattern files.  Since it would compromise our security system to "adjust" I have decided to create a whole new blog as I re-do the Piney Woods Atelier website.  I will be transferring and arranging the free patterns in a manner that I hope will be more efficient and user friendly.  
I have FOUR new patterns I hope to share with you as soon as I get the new blog up, organized and running smoothly.

Many thanks for your patience!
Until I get it ready to go~
Happy Tatting! 


  1. will you have the same name so we look for this?

    1. Madtatter80, the new blog will also be called "The Piney Woods Tatter". I will provide a link when it is up on this blog so all you have to do is click over. :-)

  2. Mad tatter got there first will you have the same name

    1. Yes, Ms. Margaret, it will have the same name- just a different location. The new blog will be very easy to find.