Friday, October 11, 2013

New Threads and Design Elements

Blog theme for October~
"One Of A Kind"
Good morning, dear readers!
For those who won a button package in the give away event:  your buttons were sent out Wednesday and should reach you by this Saturday.  Hope y'all will enjoy them!
My latest Valdani thread order came in this week!  Yep, I am a happy tatter!!!  I love to get in thread, even if it is a color I work with a lot.  I spent Thursday organizing my Valdani Luxury Pearl Silks and Pearl Cottons.  Here is an image of one of the silk thread trays in my thread cabinet:
I also received the Swarovski order.  Here are images of some of my new design elements:
These rectangular chatons will be so much fun to incorporate into designs!
And these round chatons will look so nice as center accents for ICR motifs.
There are several works-in-progress in the Atelier, but as I was waiting for this Swarovski order, I have not been able to finish them.  I'll try to have some tatted eye candy for you next Friday!
Other than tatting and waiting for supplies, I have been busy airing out and cleaning our pop-up camper so we can head out on some Fall outdoor adventures soon.
We're going to Scotch Guard the exterior this weekend and hopefully have everything prepped for our next excursion.  Rosie Fey didn't know what to think of it at first, but has since learned to love "helping" Mama in it. 
As we are finally experiencing cooler temps down here, I am really ready to get in the woods.  (Where I do my best tatting!)  I need to repack the portable Atelier this weekend, too.
So, what are you working on, dear readers?  Any fantastic Fall themed projects being tatted out there?  I am working on a special goody just for y'all!  It will be featured on the Halloween post.  So, which "theme" would you prefer for the goody:  "Haunting Elegance" or "Harvest Pop" ?  Be sure to vote in the poll or leave a comment so I'll know what to focus my tatting energies on!
Well, Rosie Fey is staring at me and huffing impatiently.  Guess I had better stretch and take her for a run.  May you have a marvelous week and until next Friday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. So where can you buy this thread? I haven't seen it anywhere.

    And where is a good online place to get beads? Preferable a random pack.

    Love your work

  2. Hmmmm....either theme sounds like fun, but I think I lean a bit more towards the 'Harvest Pop' side. ;-)

    I'm working on tatted bits and edgings for a quilt for a few more weeks, then will move on to something else for a while.
    Stephanie W.