Friday, October 18, 2013

My Personal Pendant

Blog theme for October~
"One Of A Kind"
Good morning, dear readers!
I have been busy working on a number of different OOAK pieces, but decided to share one I recently did for myself:

It is embellished with Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S 565, size 8 Valdani Pearl Cotton in O 538, several 4mm Swarovski bronze bicone crystal beads, and a bezel of champagne freshwater pearls.  I probably will add more silk tatting and Swarovskis, but plan to wear it around for a bit as is.
The pendant was purchased from Jenn, of the Etsy shop cellsdividing .  Jenn was kind enough to do a custom order for me with one of my favorite scriptures.  If any of you, dear readers, would like a special pendant you can accent with tatting, take a look at what she has in her shop or place a special order.  She was so nice to work with and was most expedient in creating my requested piece and shipping it right on out.  Thanks, Jenn, for the pendant!  I adore it.
The image above is the pendant before embellishment.
The special surprise is in the process of being created!  Our Halloween treat will be entitled "Haunting Elegance".  Be sure to check the blog next week for a peek and make double sure you see what I have in store for you on Halloween!!!
As there is much work for me to do, I had better get hopping.  May you have a wonderful week full of tatting joy.  Until next Friday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Beautiful, that definitely one of a kind.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing your Halloween surprise.

  2. Your pendant looks beautiful!! :)

  3. That really looks like a fun thing to try! so pretty thanks for sharing!