Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autumn Tatting with Buttons

Blog theme for September~
Good afternoon, dear readers!
I have been busy with so many tatting projects, it is difficult to know where to begin.  How about if I give you a peak at the wonderful Autumn colored Valdani threads I'm using in most of my current works.
Here is a lovely assortment of perle cottons.
And here are some of my favorite colors in Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk.
This is a bare bones pendant foundation I did Friday.
And this one is what I am working on now as I await the start of the New Orleans Saints' game against Tampa Bay.
If you would like some FREE patterns using button foundations, check out some of my previous blog posts here, and here.
Several of you have asked about my Rosie Fey.  Here are a few images of my growing girl:
On our run this morning at Lincoln Parish Park.  She LOVES to run on the wooded trails, splash in the creeks and chase the over abundance of squirrels.
Rosie Fey in profile as she sits pretty for a liver treat.
And finally, here is this image I snapped of her while I was tying my shoe.  She promises that she was only helping me by poking her nose in my face and giving me puppy sugars as I tried to get my darn laces untangled and retied.
Well, I have got to go ahead and post this so I can hot foot it into the kitchen and get snacks for the game ready.  May you all have a wonderful week full of tatting fun & don't forget to leave your comment on the September 6th post for a chance to win some great buttons!  Until Friday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Can't wait to see your autumn creations!! :)

  2. Love the fall colors. Love the updates on Rose Fey.

  3. What a beautiful baby you have! :) Doggie kids are so fun!