Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eternity Pendant Teaser

Okay, after receiving a couple of emails requesting it, here is an image of the very beginning of one of my Eternity Pendants from the Romance of the Piney Woods couture tatting collection:

The pendant starts with a ring of pearls and Swarovskis and builds out from there.  I will have a pattern set of several of these pendants available in early August.  These little buggers have been occupying much of my tatting time the past few days.  They are fun to do and work up quick once you get the hang of manipulating the circlets.

On another note, I am highly anticipating an upcoming estate auction to be held later this week!  My sources have let me know there are a few cameos, brooches and pins that may be of use in my artwork.  Plus, another little birdie whispered in my ear that there may even be some antique fibers as this lady was an avid needleworker!  Perhaps I may even stumble upon some shell buttons.  Oh, yes, I am most definitely looking forward to later this week!!!

The pendants and cameos are beckoning me back to the Atelier.  May you have a fantastic day doing whatever makes your soul sing!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Thank you for explaining the start, they are looking lovely so far

  2. Dear Rachel, I'm a new needle tatter, since only one week! I'm astonished in front of your creations because I'm a beader too ( since more time!). Compliments for your tatting, it's impressive!

    1. Thanks, Jolanda! I appreciate your kind compliment!