Friday, November 8, 2013

November Musings

Blog theme for November~
Good morning, dear readers!
It is rather chilly in the Piney Woods this morning.  I must say that Autumn is my favorite season.  It has inspired me to make some long needed adjustments and tweaks to how my work is presented and made available for purchase.  As mentioned on the blog previously, I prefer to do OOAK pieces. My focus is currently on that aspect of my work along with deciding whether or not to stick with my current website host, and what is the best vehicle for selling my work online.  There are several options up for consideration at the moment and I am uncertain which direction is the right one for my artwork and creative temperament.  I will say that the wholesale offers I've received are absolutely ridiculous.  There is no way I will wholesale my OOAK pieces!  And I will not allow anyone to "convert" my original designs into patterns for embroidery sewing machines.  While I have nothing against those who use such machines, my work is totally handmade and I take GREAT offense to it being "converted" to a digital pattern for a machine to make.
Aside from these tatting issues, we've been busy enrolling our daughter in the next semester of online college classes.  Let me tell you, it is just as involved as registering for regular college courses!  At least we've got that done and are awaiting her class schedule.
Well, Rosie Fey is ready for our morning run.  After our run, I plan to spend the morning tatting away in the tatting shanty with a rich, steamy mug of gourmet hot cocoa.  I will post images of new OOAK pieces soon.  My favorite places for taking images are soaking wet from a recent rain and I do not dare put any of this work on it.  Maybe it will dry out enough this afternoon or at the latest, this weekend.  May you have a wonderful week full of tatting adventures.  Until the next time~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I thoroughly agree with you. OOAK pieces deserve better then to be imitated by machine embroidery. I have no noticed a "watermark" on your pictures (and maybe it is there) but I would advise you to do so. I have heard on another board where someones designs, posted online, were used without their permission and by the time it was found out, it had been reproduced in mass quantities in China and being sold at a large retailer. Basically nothing they could do at that point.
    Good Luck with your web host issue.
    Oh, and congrats to daughter as she sounds like a very smart young lady.

  2. You don't have copyright on your blog, there are certain people around who will copy designs and call it there own. I have copyright on my blog which is a free one. Have you thought of selling on esty at least your designs will be be what you what to sell or make. You won't be in the mass market, and your one off pieces will be one offs.
    I hope your daughter gets on ok with the online college, she sounds really smart.
    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Margaret, I most certainly DO HAVE COPYRIGHT on the blog! It is at the bottom & one must scroll down completely to see it. I freely share my FREE patterns, but fiercely protect my OOAK pieces.

      I am considering Etsy, but may stick with my website by adding a larger webstore.

      Thanks for the best wishes for our daughter!!! She is smart and is working hard to achieve her degree.

  3. Much as I hate to see it done, I'd advise putting some sort of 'watermark' on your pictures online. At least if it's stolen and mass-machine-produced in China, they'll have to go through the additional trouble of removing the watermark from the design first. :-( What a pain! I hate the idea of machine-produced ANYTHING being called 'tatting' or even called 'embroidery.' What's the fun of embroidering something if all you do is sit there and change colors when the self-threading machine asks for the next color - that's not embroidery, in my opinion, it's just taking thread spools off a rack and putting them on another rack.

    I love your designs! Best wishes to your daughter. I'm sure she will do very well with her college courses.
    Stephanie W.